145 Posts and a Give away on the 150th!

I pass my 100th post with no fan fair, so I decided to do it up right for my 150th instead. I will be doing a give away, prize, whatever you little heart desires to call it in honer of my 150th post. So, between now and the next 4 posts, leave me a comment and I will put your name into the drawing. It will be some kind of jewelry item, such as what I made Jen or Rella. So comment away!

Today was a day of seminars. For work, I am taking a leadership seminar, and then after that I had to go to another dinner meeting where we listened to someone speak. I just barely got home and my brain is fried. Good information though. I really like how these things make you think. In part of the seminar, the speaker asked, who was your trust role model and why. And the second question was who is in the hall of fame of breaking your trust. And when I started to think about this stuff, I realized that my life growing up was all about distrust. My father is the KING of lying and deceiving and my mother, was the QUEEN even though us girls never wanted to view her in that way. We wanted to believe that at least one of our parents cared about us more than they cared about themselves. Yet, in spite of this upbringing, I am one to give people the benefit of the doubt. To believe that they can do more be better. I am the optimist. As I sat in a room full of cynical people today, I wondered, who burned them so bad that they became so distrusting? Now don't get me wrong...when I give someone a chance and let them in, and the burn me, I am not the nicest person. You won't even see it coming, I can bring down the best of them. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. maybe I live with rose colored glasses most of the time, but I think that I prefer to believe that most people are good, than to be looking over my shoulder all the time to see who is out to get me. Are you the Optimist or the Pessimist?


HappyDayArt! said…
Optimist. And I have been burned but I do give people the benefit of the doubt too. I usually hang in there until I see that every time I hang out with the person I feel like I got some dirt one me when I leave. It is just a funny feeling I get and then I try to avoid them, or just show my social smile.

Oooh, sorry about your parents.

Rochelle said…
Hey Sweetpea,

That was good preaching. I like to think that I am optimist, but my actions would probably show me to be a pessimist. I, like you, have been burned many times. You give people the benefit of the doubt, but that person will turn right back around and use your kindness against you. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right? In the end, there is only one person you can TRULY trust: God.

Have a fun seminar today!

Lynn said…
I like to think I am an optimist, but my work has made so so pessimistic that I had to quit. How can a place that is so good, go so bad.......I try to understand that everyday. So now I must move on........
In reading your post I wondered how did it feel for you to be among so many cynics in one room :)...at the end did you feel it was a powerful talk? Will it help your leadership skills? It's so wonderfully amazing that you were able to develop trust when your environment growing up fostered anything BUT. How wonderful is that?

xo Rella
Jen Gabaldon said…
Unfortunaltly i think i am pessimist but sometimes an optimist....you know how i am! Ok,i commented, Pick me!!!!
She She said…
Optimist, but I too work in a very stressful, sad environment. Thank heavens for art and art friends!
Cindy Dean said…
So I am posting this comment for Sue, she wanted to post but some blogger prob was stopping her. Here is her post:

HI Cindy,
Seems like blogger has switched things up & comments can't be left without having a google or blogger account-I don't have either & wanted to comment on some of your posts that I just read.
Optimist would be me, at least I want it to be & do think I accomplish it most of the time. I was better at it when I was younger, but like you, having been burned a few times makes me a little wary, but I still prefer to think the best of people.
Making art for you, versus making art that will please others, is the same thing I'd been struggling with and just recently came to the same conclusion as you-I'm making it for me! It was just so odd to read my thoughts on your blog, that I just had to comment:)
And on that note, I'm calling it a night!
Sue Pieper
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