This is what I know....

Today I am 42 and my daughter is 16. Yes we share the same birthday. It was a very special birthday present 16 years ago today. One that keeps on giving...or taking, LOL, depending on how you look at it! I wouldn't trade it for the world. My daughter wants to try (when she is older mind you) to try and have a baby in September. The 4th to be exact. She thinks that would be so cool to have 3 generations with the same birthday. Me too. So as another birthday comes and goes, I reflect on my life so far and this is what I know for sure as Oprah would say.

1. I have a great husband. He is a good soul and I am lucky to have him. He the yin to my yang and my rock.
2. I have great kids. Kind hearted, loving and just good.
3. I have 3 wonderful sisters! I don't know what I would do or be without them. They have ALWAYS been there for me through thick and thin and no matter how bitchy I get...they still love me and I them. Cause believe me....they can get bitchy! LOL (Susie, Lynn & Sandy---you know you are giggling right now as you read this!)
4. I have a few TRUE friends besides my sisters. They are the ones that love me even though I can be quite odd. LOL And of course, they have to be odd themselves to hang around me! Maybe a better word would be UNIQUE. That's it...unique.
5. I have been blessed with a good life and I thank God for it everyday. I am starting to realize the things that really matter in life and they aren't material things. What I want now is connections. Memories to look back on. Pictures to reminisce over and stories to tell and laugh about. I watch the video that my brother in law took of me and my sisters when we were in Turkey and I laugh when I hear my little sister Sandy yelling bee's....and we are all laughing and scrambling for the deeper water to get away from them. I want to spend more time with the people that matter in my life and less time with the people that drain it.
6. That things are not going to come as quickly or exactly as I want them to and that it is more about the journey than the actual destination. So...I am starting another year of my life with no set destination in mind. I do have goals, but I am going to enjoy the journey and not try and force things along to reach the end so fast. This will be extremely challenging for me...I am impatient. I want it now! I can hear my sisters collective voices saying "Ya Think?" after those last sentences.

With that said....42 is going to be a good year....I deem it so. (Knock on wood) LOL I am superstitious too! LOL


Judy said…
Hear hear and have a very happy birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!!!
I wish you all that you speak of and more. You are on the right track and I have no doubt you will follow your heart. Cherishing all the moments you have with your family and chosen friends. And, as a woman, mother, sister.......I am proud of you.

xo Rella (the OTHER, Older Cindy)
Catherine said…
Cindy, Happy Birthday! I totally believe you that 42 is going to be a good year because YOU said so.

Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my blog. I have seen your name all over the place lately. You go girl!

Maybe we'll meet each other at Art & Soul in Portland. Can you post a photo of you in all your Birthday glory?

BTW, Thank you so much for having me there on your blog roll! I am pleased and very flattered to be in such wonderful company.