Sisters...know that you are loved!

Tonight, I came up to my computer, just like any other night and checked my email. I get notifications when someone posts a comment on my blog. My sister Lynn had made a comment to my last blog entry. As soon as I saw it I started to have tears in my eyes... It was a simple statement. You are loved..... and then she added the words to the song Message to Myself by Melissa Etheridge. I don't know why I started with the tears. I guess I just miss my sisters. I am so grateful that they are in my life. My parents have never been the kind of parents that...well lets just say they have always been self centered and continue to be to this day. They don't talk to any of their children and that is their own choice. My sister's and I have always relied on one another for that family bond and because of that, we are very tight knit. We have a brother too but my parents booted him out when I was about 10 years old and I have never seen him since. Every once in awhile, he will talk to Lynn but that is about all the contact he has with his "family". I wish he would realize that his sister's would accept him with open arms and come and get to know us. Despite our upbringing and all the instability, each one of us has turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself! But....if it wasn't for Susie, Lynn and Sandy, I don't know where I would be today. Thru ups and downs and fights and all kinds of stuff...we have become closer than ever. I guess age does that to ya. You start to realize the petty stuff doesn't matter. So here's to my sisters. I found this poem online and thought I would put it here for them to read.

A sister's love is special in oh so many ways
Now miles stretch between us and minutes turn to days.
We've shared so much as children the tears, the joys, the pain
A lifetime spent together those memories remain.
In times gone by we've pondered the paths our lives have taken
Knowing that in spite of this our sister love unshaken.
A sister's love is special in ways that are unspoken
Still that binding force exists our sister love unbroken.

I am looking forward to our next adventure together! Italy here we come.


Sandy said…
Ahhh the memories... I miss my sisters!! And I love you all very much. Don't know what I would do without you guys!!I can't wait to see you all soon. Look out the sherrif is coming to town...LOL!!
Dear friend,
This is a very special group of photos and I shared the joy with you as I read and looked at each one. It touches my heart that you are so aware of this precious gift.
xox Rella
Lynn said…
Cindy you brought tears to my eyes....i am especially grateful to you for starting this blog and our blogs to bring us even closer than we all imagined......I LOVE you all TONS my sisters......
kerrip said…
Hi Cindy,
As I may have already shared, I am the oldest of three sisters, and they are the most important people in the world to me. I cannot believe that parents of such wonderful women are not aware and appreciative of the wonderful gift they have given this world, but I know -- and that in each other, you have an amazing bond, and you don't take it for granted. Lovely moment. Enjoy!!!