My First First Friday

Love the title...I know it looks funny but it is what it is. It was my 1st First Friday. What an experience. Did I sell alot? No...but did I have fun? Yes! Being my 1st event ever it was a learning experience for sure. I now know what sells for me anyways. My mixed media charms are what sold and if I had more time I would have made more. A ton of people took my cards though so hopefully that will lead to sales on my Etsy site. So...lets see...what were the most memorable parts of First Friday.

The cutest one was were a little girl about 8 years old or so and she was looking over Jen's earrings and her dad was telling her to come on...She looked at us and said "When I get my ears pierced, I am coming back here!" It was soooooooo cute.
The next one was a woman was looking at one of my charms and kept going back and forth and then her boyfriend (I think) came over and she was showing him "how cute" it was and he looked at the price and said "That's it?" and threw the money on the table. LOL Then he said "I'm getting laid tonight!" and thanked us! LOL It was sooooo funny.

Everybody that was around us were so nice to Jen and I. They gave us newbies all kinds of tips for next time. I guess I am a lucky one because we were told more than once by other people that it took them 2 or 3 times of submitting their art to get in and I got in on the first try. I am blessed! I don't know if First Friday is going to be good for sales yet, but for the exposure it is a great event. Lots of fun and very interesting. And when I say interesting....I mean...interesting people! Check these out:

So that was it in a nutshell. I am hoping to get in to next months First Friday too as it will be a very big event because it is the 5 year anniversary of the event.

I will be listing some of my items on Etsy later today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow as I have another event to go to tonight. I am going to the owner of the companies I work for, ranch for Miss Kitty's Jeans to Jewels event benefiting Opportunity Village. I will do a post on that tomorrow. TTFN


lklight said…
Oh Cindy, congratulations, sounds like such a wonderful night.
The first time is always so special...oh, didn't mean to go THERE, well, you know what I mean!