My display table

Isn't it cute? Very festive and bright. Hopefully it will bring people over to look and buy!


Laurie G. (morningk) said…
Oh yes, it looks great! Love the colors, it looks magical. Have a great time!
annilee said…
When is first friday? Let Cole know and we will come! I love the table! You guys will do awesome can't wait to hear!
Sam I Am said…
oh my goshhhh..this table cover is ADORABLE!!!! So vibrant!! What an Eye Grabber!!! You will be sure to attract tons of attention.. its SEW CUTE!!! :)
I think you should take ORDERS for these!! HOW FUN :)
My first day back...thank you for your sweet posts and support. I sincerely appreciate it so much.

I love, love, love this table!! It makes me smile it's so cheerful. Good job...and good luck girlie.

Best ~ Rella
Dieverdog said…
This is such a cool idea... are those fabric strips? Sometimes at work we have to set up a table at an event and it might be something we can make and let people use if they have to set up... what did you tie the tops to? I hope you don't mind my asking... of course here (Ohio State) we'd have to use Scarlet and Grey so it wouldn't be as pretty as yours! :)