Miss Kitty's Jeans to Jewels

Last night I went to Miss Kitty's Jeans to Jewels event benefiting Opportunity Village. OV is a not-for-profit organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities by providing them with vocational training, employment and social recreation services that make their lives more productive and interesting. Through Opportunity Village’s programs and services, hundreds of people with disabilities are learning vocational skills and being placed in jobs throughout the community. We had a good time as always. Being at Franks ranch is like leaving Las Vegas.
There are horses and cows and trees and grass and space. Wide open space. That is a rarity in Las Vegas where the homes are usually 6 feet apart on the sides and the back yards are the size of postage stamps.
There were over 1000 people last night at Franks Bitter Root Ranch. Bonnie, Franks' wife, did a demonstration of cattle cutting with her dog. It was fun to watch. Frank and Bonnie compete with their horses all over the US.
Dinner was buffet style provided by Station Casinos. It is amazing how many companies in the valley support OV. It was like a who's who of Las Vegas last night.
They had a silent auction and a live auction. The most fun was when they were auctioning off a puppy. You could see all the little girls looking at their daddies and pleading with their eyes...please daddy please. My boss Ronnow was not their but us girls from the office sent him an email from my work phone asking permission to bid on the puppy with the company credit card. He didn't respond so we sent him another message saying that we won the auction, (which of course we didn't) and that we would take turn taking the puppy home but he could name it. LOL All of a sudden my phone rings! LOL I made Jen answer it. After she got done tormenting him, she handed the phone to me and he said "Why are you messing with my brain?" LOL...and I said... "Because I can!" The saga will continue on Monday I am sure because one of the girls told Frank that Ronnow wouldn't let us get a puppy and Frank sent him an email that said "So I hear the girls bought a puppy for MHBS." LOL Frank is an instigator. He likes to give people a hard time. Great man to work for. So that was it. TTFN


this is a very funny story!! And I loved your answer to Frank. What a scream :)
xo Rella