Another Mommy & Daughter Day

Today was another mommy and daughter day. Megan and I spent the day shopping. She needed business type attire for a class she has at school. So this is what we ended up getting her. It was hard to find clothes that were within the school "uniform" dress code and her size also. Size "0" to be exact. Tiny thing that she is. She sure doesn't take after me! LOL

After that, we went shopping for dresses for her homecoming dance that is at the end of the month. Not really her schools but her boyfriends. We couldn't decide on the dresses so we took pictures and she is sending them to her boyfriend to help her pick one out. Here are the choices.


2. This one is my favorite.
3. With this one as a close second.

So...opinions? Sisters, I know you will be looking so tell Megan your thoughts. We had fun today. After clothes shopping we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. After dinner, we played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution PlayStation Game) It was quite the workout. She is going to be my exercise partner we have decided. Not that she wants to lose weight, she wants to build muscle. Tomorrow we are swimming. So...I shall be looking for opinions on the dress. Please comment so we can get a general census.


Lynn said…
Except for the jewelry and the opened toed shoes, Megan looks dressed like Aunt Sandy in her business attire.
Anonymous said…
Hi Cindy, I am a fellow Thelatesttrendsinmixedmediaarts, and I am a newbie just like you, joined a couple of days ago.

Anyway, your right it is a tough choice between 2 and 3 but my pick would be 3, it doesn't take away from her face and it shows off all her great features. Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks.

sue said…
#2 & #3, I agree. A size zero?? I'm pretty sure I was born bigger than that-lol! She's a beauty, and culd wear any of those dresses & be a hit! are right on as to which is the most gorgeous on your LITTLE doll. The least is number one. something about it is not right. #2, #3, #5 in that order.
How CUTE is she?!!!! What a fun Mother, Daughter time.
xo Rella
annilee said…
Number 2 for sure! Of course she looks beautiful in all of them. Thanks for sharing.
Deryn Mentock said…
Definitely the red first, then the black...tiny, pretty little thing!