Self Challenge

As I was reading the Artful Blogging Magazine that came out last night, I saw a common theme among artists. And that is to challenge ourselves to think outside the box and also to just create. So I started thinking about what I could do that would be different and force me to goes outside my comfort zone. I thought about Misty's blog entry that she wrote yesterday and how she is exploring her new location. I love how she is seeing things from a new prospective. But what about people that have lived in the same old place for 10 years? That's when it hit me!
Here it is: I am starting my challenge tomorrow. Every week I will be venturing out into Las Vegas and looking at every thing from a tourists prospective. I will be bringing my camera with me and acting like a tourist although I loath looking like a tourist! I will then use one or some of my pictures I take that week to create a piece of art which will be posted on my blog. Las Vegas is a ever changing being. Casino's go up and they come down. Tomorrow,
I will be going to First Friday. A local Art Event downtown. This is what Jen and I are going to be participating in next month. So stay tuned for pictures of Las Vegas and the art that I create. I am actually very excited about starting this project. Wish me luck!


Jen Gabaldon said…
Here is a picture for can take one of me as a local giving you the evil eye since you took the last issue of Artful blogging!!!!!! Just kidding :) I think this is a very good challenge. I am always excited to see you newest creations :)
kerrip said…
I love this challenge Cindy. Perfect for your location and it should be very fun to live vicariously through your "tourist" eye. I could imagine Vegas provides a HUGE canvas on which to make your original mark!!!
sue said…
Great idea! Having lived in the same house for 20 years, and only about an hour from where I was born & grew up, everything here seems "old" to me-even though we live on the edge of Door County, which is a huge tourist attraction. This year we really have been doing more exploring-mostly hanging out on Lake Michigan, picking rocks, but you're right-when I take the time to look around like I've never been there before, it can be pretty interesting:)