Self Challenge Week 1 - First Friday Part 1

Let me start by saying, I don't know what I was thinking was I decided to go out in August to an outdoor event! It goes against my mantra of hibernating in the summer! I suppose it wasn't too bad, but it was 105 degrees and it was HUMID. 31% to be exact! I know many of you are saying whoop te do but it was hot and sticky! Yuck! But I did not let that deter me. I set out on my journey at about 6:30pm. I boarded the trolley at the Holsum Lofts. I will tell you more about those at the end of my post. I didn't actually get on this trolley because I stood at the end of the line because I wanted to take a picture and by the time I got to in line it was full and I had to wait for the next one. The trolley's are free on First Fridays and they have many stops at different gallery's in the Art District. Down Town Las Vegas is going thru a revitalisation. Lots of buildings are being turned into lofts and Art Gallery's. My first stop was Commerce Street where they have Artist Tents and outdoor activities, food etc.
Here is a Las Vegas Poet doing the Vagina Monologue. You should have seen the men scurring by! LOL I had never heard any of it before so I stood and listened for awhile. I came towards the tale end of it and before I knew it, she was done and she introduced the next poet. I continued to travel down the road and check out all the artist tables. Seeing what they had to offer but also looking to see if there was anything like Jen and I will be bringing next month when we are sitting down there. One this street there are also little antique stores. I love going thru these when I come down for First Friday. I normally wouldn't venture into this neighborhood because it is...let's just say..."A little rough." These houses are old old Las Vegas! Very tiny but jam packed full of stuff. I did not buy anything but there were some old steamer trunks in one of the stores that I would have loved to have! But it is not to be...I have too much stuff already!
I love this old Hog Dog Stand that is located outside one of the shops. It has seen better days but I just love it. This store is painted such a bright yellow. It has a Wizard of Oz theme to it. A path outside says to follow the yellow brick road and winds thru an outdoor area filled with old doors, washers, large bird cages, and all kinds of large items that can deal with Las Vegas weather and only get better with age. The colors of this house draw me to it because I love yellows, reds and oranges. I did not go inside this one tonight because there was a line to get in. They only let about 10 people in at a time due to fire regulations. I continued my travels and walked to the Arts Factory a couple blocks away. I bought myself a frozen lemonade to cool me down. Walking around down here is quite the experience. There are all kinds of people to see. You have the artsy folk, the urban group, they call them Vurbs here in Vegas. V=Vegas and Urbs=Urbanites. They are the ones pushing this turn around of downtown. Trying to make it young and hip. I see the young punk crowds, getting the attention they want by wearing wild clothes and hair. It is a mix of all kinds and fun to see.
Music fill the air outside the Arts Factory. Just outside the gates you can hear protesters yelling about saving the earth. So many sounds and sights to see and hear. I make my way inside and check out all the artists work on the gallery walls. I watch some of the artists talking with people about their work. I started to get nervous just thinking about when and if I have to do that in the future. If I am on my quest to be an artist, can I do this? I am not ready to think about that. But I should...shouldn't I?
I leave the Art Factory. I am hot and sticky and do not like that feeling. I have not been to all of the Galleries, but I am done and decide to walk back to where I started my journey instead of waiting for the trolley. It's only a five minute walk to The Holsum Lofts. This is an old bread factory that was turned into lofts and Art Galleries. I think it one of the first project in the downtown revitalisation plan. It is a very cool place to go and one of my favorites during First Friday.

This is where one of my favorite local artists work is displayed. Leslie Rowland She alters furniture and I am so in love with all her work.
Here are some close ups of the drawers:

It says: I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.

And this one:

It says: Husbands are like fires. They go out if unattended.

I would love to own a piece of her work. I have just not gotten past the point that it would cost me a pretty penny to own it. So that was my first adventure out into Las Vegas as a tourist. I will be using one of my pictures I took this week to create something. Don't know what yet. When I am done, I will post it. Next week, I think I am going to Paris! The Paris Hotel and Casino that is. I can travel the world here in Las Vegas. Stay tuned!


kerrip said…
I love living vicariously through your tourist adventure...and not having to endure that heat!!! Love Toby Keith on the side of the trolly, and that woman's furniture is so sassy!!! Love the quotes that adorn that dresser... as for your First Friday and what to say ... just be honest... speak about what drives you to make things and about what is passionate to you. You express it perfectly here, so take that with you !! Wish I could be there. Maybe someday our paths will cross.
Jen Gabaldon said…
Paris?!! Count me in!!!! LOL, and it is my kind of travel, only 5 minutes from work :)