Paradise Found

Yesterday, without my partner in crime, Jen, to go to lunch with I decided to swing by the bead store. I know, I know...never a good idea! LOL I found these beautiful Apatite beads and had to have them. They were more than I usually spend on beads but they were calling my name! What could I do??? I knew I had to make something from them. Paradise found is what I thought of, so I starting creating last night in spite of my studio being a total disaster from all my purging activities in the last week. This is what I have done so far. Just a in process shot before the final product. I took some stained glass I had and cut it into slices which I then soldered. I also soldered my pieces to my lemonade necklace, but I screwed up on the last piece and got frustrated and decided to quit soldering for the evening! Then I wrapped the longest with wire and some seed beads as a focal point. Then I started on the little Apatite beads. Then are very delicate and I broke four of them during my wiring wrapping! By the end of the wrapping I was becoming quite good at handling those little suckers. I can't wait to get this finished! I want to stay home from work and finish it, but gotta pay the bills right? As it was I stayed up late working on it and I will pay for that today! Comments?


sue said…
Can't wait to see the finished product, looks great so far! I have to stay out of the bead store-dangerous place for me:)