Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My mojo is missing tonight

I came home from work today intending on working on some more jewelry items for our First Friday event.....and nothing...Everything I started to put together was just crap...so I stopped. That is the one reason why being an artist full time would probably kill me. Because when I don't have that feeling to create...when nothing just goes right I feel like a failure. Do all artists go thru that? It drives me insane. I never want to have to force it just to make a living. When I was younger, people always told me I was artistic, that I should do something with my talent and the only reason I never did was this feeling right here. In my day job, it's easy...numbers are numbers. They either add up and if they don't there is a reason why. You just have to find it. I can deal with that... So on my journey to find my artistic soul....I find myself stuck tonight. Like deep mud that you have sunk into and pull as you might, it just doesn't let go....until that one little bubble of air hits the right spot and sets you free. So I am waiting for my bubble to appear...till then..I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures I have taken. goodnight.


sue said...

Same thing happens to me, and when it does I'll either walk away and not force it, or maybe do some simple background stuff-prep a canvas or slap some gesso on some playing cards so they're ready to use for an ATC. Or I clean the studio, usually unearthing some treasure that I'd forgotten about, and I want to create again:) You'll be fine really, give yourself a chance to recharge, and when it's time, the art will come.

Judy said...

Beaming you some of my muse tonight - no guarentees you will like him/her/it!!! Stunning photo, by the way.

Stacie said...

Happens to me more often that I care to admit. I have a box with some really really jewelry in it. It only miffs me if I've used silver. LOL. When that happens I start painting backgrounds for other projects, or go sit on the back porch for a bit of quiet. Both seems to work. I find that it happens more often when I'm tired. So rest.....it'll come. ;-)