Button Braclet

Isn't this the cutest thing??? If I do say so for myself! I am working on things for Jen and My First Friday event. I wanted to make something quick so I could get in the mood to create and this is what I did. The beads are a candy cane jade. The colors in the jade are a pink, green and white. I am going to make a few more of these because my daughter wants one and I want one! LOL


kerrip said…
Absolutely stinking -- as in "stinking cute!!" I love using buttons as beads, Cindy, and this is just adorable. I want one too!!! Great wire wrapping. One of my button rings would look super with this bracelet!! Wanna trade? I'd send you two rings (let me know sizes) for a bracelet. I'll even match your color scheme & buttons... I don't mean to put you on the spot -- you can say no, I would understand if you need to save all of your creative time for the event!! But I do love it and would be happy to swap.