Too much I really need all this?????

Have you ever look around your house and wondered why you have all this stuff???? I have been in a funk lately and I don't quite know what it is. When is too much? I know that when you make more you spend more but I want all this??? I have been questioning whether I want to live in this big of a house (2055 square feet). You have to buy all this "stuff" just to fill it up! I am feeling overwhelmed with space. I am craving a more simple life. I want to spend my money on other things than paying for the upkeep of a big house. I want to travel more. I want to take more art classes. I want to do...not just be.... Last years trip to Turkey, my trip to Art & Soul and my trip to Art Nest have given me the travel bug badly! I look at all my pictures and they bring back a flood of memories. Isn't that what life really is all about? Experiencing all there is to see and do? My sisters and I are planning our next sister trip. This time we will be going to Italy and we also want to do another Blue Cruise on the Aegean Sea. We had such a relaxing and fabulous time that we HAVE to do it again. When I was at Art Nest and I was talking with Misty Mawn, I told her she should teach a class on a boat in Turkey! LOL..she said it would be too confining. I told her I would send her some pictures of my trip, but I decided to post them here for all to see. I would have NEVER thought that Turkey had soooooo much history. It was very incredible. Here are some pictures of our time at Ephesus;
Now Here we are on the Cruise portion of our trip. The captain is taking us to shore so we can visit the donkeys. Isn't the color of the water incredible?
Here we are swimming. Actually what we called noodling. Oh I wish I was noodling now....They feed us well. The fruits and vegetables were so good. We ate, we swam, we sunned, ate some more, slept, sunned and ate some more.

One day, I will convince an artist, who may be me in the future when and if I am well known, to have an art retreat on one of these gullets in the Aegean Sea. I have the hookups (Sandy are you listening) to make this a very incredible trip. Of course it would have to be some low tech art because power is limited. Can't have 10 soldering irons on the boat! Ahhhh....I love to dream....


lklight said…
Gee, if you can't find anyone, I suppose I could volunteer twist my arm...PLEASE!
I am right there with you with THAT dream. Divine.

Best ~ Rella
kerrip said…
wow, this looks amazing. I am more of a homebody than a traveler, but I understand your craving of simplicity. Other than some art supplies (okay LOTS of art supplies) I don't hang on to too much stuff. It makes me anxious and makes me feel weighted down
Sam I Am said…
wow..what beautiful pictures!! the water is just soooo pretty..and DONKEY??? awwwww...I want to pet the donkey!!!!!! :)
Looks like you had the bestest time!!!
Judy said…
Hear, hear!
I am sooooo with you on that - great great great post!!!
Sweet Petunia said…
Oh so lovely! Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi!". seems like you have been busy making jewelry and they are beautiful too.