My First Self Portrait Challenge

I have always admired Nina Bagleys and Misty Mawns SPC's that they post on their blogs. I went to the SPC website and checked it out and decided to try it out for myself. I have always hated pictures of myself, but I have decided to take on the challenge and work thru my "issues" LOL. So, July's theme is Elements: Water - Earth - Air - Fire. So here I water...relaxing in my pool after a hard week...oh's still the middle of the week! Damn I need a break!


blondie said…
Welcome to the addictive and magical world of SPC. For most of us, we have a love hate relationship with photos of ourselves, so you are among friends. No matter what you do from here on, you will always return to SPC.

:) blondie

PS. A great first start.
ttbookjunkie said…
Welcome to SPC. Great shot!
nina said…
what a wonderful first spc shot! great toes, great pool, great and wonderful deep blue sky. you'll be hooked, honey. sending love and hugs xoxo