Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is here in Las Vegas. I know people from far away don't understand our city and it's tendency to flood when there is rain. Today it rained just like any other town in the USA. Just a general sprinkling. I sat on the back porch, listening to the rain coming was very nice. BUT...that is not a normal rain for Las Vegas. usually when it pours. So much so that the ground can not suck up all that water. We are surround here by mountains. 360 degrees. See the ones in the distance from the view from my balcony? So we get rain and it all comes rushing down...thru the streets and anywhere else it can find it's way thru. We haven't had major flooding here for a couple of years so I suppose we are due. Here is a picture of the Aug 2003 flood. And this was after it had receded. I had to park my car at the casino down the street and walk home because I couldn't drive my car thru the community gate. I took this picture when we were walking back to get my car home.
So if you are ever in Las Vegas and it's raining...heed the warnings...


Living most of my life in Connecticut, the monsoons of this area (Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ)threw me. Rain usually equals destruction, flooding, violence in most ways. So I TOTALLY understand how you felt when you had a gentle rain. We had one here today, also, after a gray and very muggy day. It was quite nice. ~ Best ~ Rella