Jen is mean mean mean, you know what I mean??

LOL...I told Jen that I was going to blast her on my blog tonight because she was egging me on today. Then she closed my door to my office because she said I was crabby today! I went out of my office and into hers a few minutes later and I told her "Ha! I'm out!" She said "Yeah I see that, it's a defective lock!" LOL I was kinda cranky today. She told me she loves it when I'm spicy! LOL I had to walk out of her office on that one. We banter back and forth all the time. She didn't make me cry though! I am taking the day off tomorrow so there Jen! Do with out me! Have fun with the new girl and you know who! I snicker as I say that cause that will get her goat! tee hee hee....

(Just in cause you thought I was serious, we are just playing for those of you who haven't seen Jen and I around each other....)


Jen Gabaldon said…
I LOVE IT!!!! I will miss you tomorrow though and i will probably cry my own big fat tear drops until you return...i think i will have your friend call you all day long.... heeheehee!!!
Did you know on some caribbean islands, the oysters can climb trees?