I may be a winner!!!

I am so excited! Awhile ago we entered a contest for North Las Vegas residents, to name a new mall that is being built here in North Las Vegas, well today I was called and told I am one of 6 finalists! Yeah! We picked the name Desert Star. We shall see if it wins tomorrow night at 8pm. The 1st prize is a $25,000.00 gift certificate to the new mall! Don't ask me what I will spend it on but that would be cool! Wouldn't it be great to say that you named a mall??? So that was a great ending to my day. It was a hectic day and I needed something to make me smile.


Sam I Am said…
holycrap! 25K???? WOW!! I HOPE YOU WIN!!!
Sending you POSITIVE energy that you WILL!!!!! Keep us updated!
annilee said…
That is so awesome! GOOD VIBES!!! GOOD VIBES!!! GOOD VIBES!!! We hope you win!!!