Here's the Scoop! No I didn't win the 25 Grand.

Ok....So I didn't win the 25 grand but I did help name the new mall. I guess 6 people picked the same name that was chosen which of course was Desert Star as I said in my last post. They decided to have a random drawing of prizes for the 6 people. I won a $1000.00 shopping spree when the mall opens up in Oct of 2009. I am happy with what I got. I don't have to deal with the Tax man on this one! LOL Plus if I won the 25 grand I would have had to deal with people asking for stuff which it started to happen before I even won! Nuts... I can't even imagine what lottery winners go thru! So I am happy to have part in the legacy of naming the mall. I was told I will be invited to the ground breaking and the opening as a VIP so that is cool. I was interviewed and had pictures taken. I just want to say thanks to all the people that wished me luck. It was a very exciting thing and I am grateful for the experience.


Sam I Am said…
that is sooooo cool!!! $1000???