Heart Theme Fat Book

I was asked to join in a Fat Book Swap. I have never done one and I am a little nervous about my page that I am creating. Is it "arty" enough. Too much? You tell me... The theme is hearts. This is just the start of it. I have a quote to go on it somewhere...I haven't decided where yet.

I will be taping the edges of the glass and soldering on the curly Q's and then attach it to the page with wire or jump rings so that it floats in the middle of the hole. The other side will be a different color and a different quote of course. I have until August 31st to get these done, so I have plenty of time. Too much?


Marilyn Rock said…
Cindy, I just checked out your Blog AND website. Wonderful offerings and your art is fantastic. I really enjoyed reading your posts; loved the "Things I Love" posts; I can totally relate to that. I am a frequent visitor of Kerri's Blog, and hers led me to yours :) Congrats on the website. I certainly will be a frequent visitor :)
kerrip said…
Okay Cindy, now I think you're showing off -- but really, I love your plan for this soldered LFB page. I can't wait to see it all put together. I think the quote will finish it off nicely. I don't think it needs much more. The architecture of it will stand so well on its own.