Fun Stuff

I thought I would share some fun pics of my pets to lighten things up for me. Here is my little Boston Terrier Missy. She is camera shy but had to keep an eye on me... Here is our kitty Pumpkin...don't ask about the name...just go with me here... She decided to climb up in my daughters clothes organizer. I guess she decided Thursday was her day.
Here is Sammy when he was a kitten, hiding in the wrapping paper from a Christmas morning.

And can you tell which one if the cat??? Sammy Again, he almost looks like a furby! And let me tell you...those furbys right there....I was one of the stupid ones that woke up at 4 in the morning to go stand in line for a 5am store opening so my daughter could have them. I made my hubby go with me so I could get more than one! He is really a good guy! How many guys do you know that would wait in a line at 4:30 in the morning to get a "Furby"??????
Just a few tidbits of life gone by in the Dean household. I am trying to get myself out of this funk that I am in. I just want to hide away and not come out to play right now... That's it for now...TTFN


annilee said…
Cute animals! My little girl wants a kitten so bad!! And Cole is trying hard to not make it happen! I think I might surprise her with one on her birthday! I hope your days get better from here on out! Good Luck with work! Just remember chocolate always helps the situation!
Jen Gabaldon said…
They are so cute!!! I know my sweet babies are in good hands :) Thanks so much again!
Dont worry Annilee we will take care of Cole.....!!!!