The Artist's Way

I am reading a new book. It is called "The Artist's Way" by Julie Cameron. So far I am pretty into it. I read the first two chapters last night. I am actually doing one of the exercises that it suggested. They are called the morning pages. I started this morning. You are supposed to write 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind. Doesn't matter if you just write, I don't know what to write. Yes 3 pages. That was hard! I am not a writer to begin with so I struggled this morning. It took about an hour. The hard part will be tomorrow when I have to get up and go to work and try and get that done. I guess I will be waking up early! I have to say, it did make me write down some of my ideas for my business. I kept looking at the long BLANK pages and had to force myself to keep writing. I did have a sense of accomplishment when I finished all 3 pages. We shall see where this leads because usually I am all gun ho about something and will do it for a couple of days and then the novelty wears off and I drop it. I am going to try and push through that point, just like I did this morning after writing only 1-1/2 pages. Just keep going....just keep going....I think I can...LOL


angel said…
Cindy, the rewards of writing your morning pages will reveal themselves the more you do it. Even if you just start out with "It is so damn hot...I am tired, work is yada yada yada...". You will get there because eventually it pulls deeper things out of you. Keep going girl...I am so impressed with your drive to grow! I am inspired by you!
lklight said…
I love the Artists Way, morning pages are so wonderful, even though it sucks doing them at the time!
I've always wanted to join a group that works through the book, I think having that support would be so helpful.
SL said…
I kept clicking "next blog" and reached you.

I'm so I found people that do artist's way, too!

:) much love