Jen FINALLY has a blog

Today, for the 50 millionth time, Jen said, "I need to start a blog." So....I said come here and sat her down next to me and we created it! Art Jewels & Treasures by Jen She has no more excuses now! LOL Not that there is a post on it yet, but at least it is there. So when she does her first post, please drop by and give her a comment. You will make her day, week, month, year.

We went shopping at the bead store again at lunch time. I bought a bunch of stuff. LOL I have ideas this time I swear! I shall be making a couple of necklaces. One will be called "Sweet as Honey" and the other will be called "Grow Where You Are Planted". That is all I can say about them. You shall see the end results sometime next week. So stay tuned. That is all for today. I am just trying to catch up on housework etc. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


Sweet Petunia said…
Hi there...I was just working on my blog and tryng to change the header. Hopefully it looks ok on your end. So nice to meet you and Jen. You two are quite the pair and lucky to have each other at work and play. I am sure we will run into each other again. I'll have to check out Jen's blog.
Jen Gabaldon said…
Ok, it is done! My very first post is there :)
Kate said…
I loved your artnest posts. Wow Jen worked fast, I will head over there next.

It was so great meeting you, spending time together and sharing the most wonderful weekend.