It's Friday and the 1st of June!

Today was a pretty good day except for the morning time. I was extremely crabby. All the women will understand. Anyways, the company that I work for had a topping out party at a job of ours. If you want to know what Top Out is read on;

“No one seems to know exactly
when or how it started, but the tradition
of ‘Topping Out’ has become a
cherished custom of Iron workers
whenever the skeleton of a bridge or
building is completed. Topping Out is
a signal that the uppermost steel
member is going into place, that the
structure has reached its height. As
that final beam is hoisted, an evergreen
tree or a flag or both are
attached to it as it ascends."

So now you know what it means. Aren't you glad you asked?
We got the cute little coin pictured above and got to leave work early. LOL It was HOT in there. We are in a concrete building with NO AIR CONDITIONING and it's over 100 degrees in Las Vegas. What was I thinking? We had a good time.
The best part of the day was when Jen came running into my office and said to check my email. She said that Antiques Roadshow had sent emails to those who had signed up to be in the ticket lottery and had gotten them. She is such a fanatic of the show that she made all the girls in the office sign up to receive tickets. Well I received an email that I should be receiving 2 tickets in the mail and so did Donna, another woman in our office. The funny part is, is that Jen didn't get picked! LOL She made us sign up to better her chances of going. I guess it worked cause I am taking her with me. I would have never signed up if it wasn't for her forcing me too! Plus it's her Birthday that day, so I guess I HAVE to take her. LOL I told her if she brought big furniture that I am not helping her carry it so she had better bring something small to have appraised! So on August 18th, I shall be standing in line with Jen, in the 115 degree heat, waiting like fools to get in the doors to Antiques Roadshow.
P.S. get to pay for parking! Just kidding.


Jen said…
I hope it will be 125 that day....... love you! Jen
Cindy Dean said…
You will be going by yourself if it's 125!!! Love ya but not that much...