I need ART!

My sister Lynn and I were talking the other day about moving, because she just bought a new house and moved in after Memorial Day weekend. She is still unpacking and feels like it's never ending. I told her that I have been in this house almost a year now and I am still not totally unpacked! I also told her I would take pictures of the painting job that we did and I am just getting to them now! As I was taking the pictures, I noticed how empty my walls were. Sad sad state of affairs! Not that I have much wall space in the living room and dining room on the lower end of the walls, but the upper parts need desperate help!
See my kitty Mister laying at his vantage point? He looks out the window by the front door and views the world as it goes by.
See my problem? All these empty spaces! I have the big niche above the dining area that sits empty, waiting for some wonderful pieces to be placed into it's cove. I bought the globe to go in here as I think I am going to make it like a travel vignette. I have old suitcases and such, but I just haven't found the right stuff to put it all together. See the black spot in the middle of the picture? That is my cat Sammy, laying on his vantage spot, overseeing all.
Here is one of my lonely little spots of decorating.
So dear sister, I think that you shall be done putting your house together before me! I am moving slow, maybe because I just got tired. Tired of unpacking boxes for the umpteenth time. 3 moves, 1st moving to Kentucky, then moving back to Las Vegas, and then moving into this house 6 months after we got here, in a year and a half about killed me. I really do need to finish unpacking. But, I would rather spend my time creating...that is why my spare room is FULL of boxes! What hidden treasures await to be unpacked? I have no idea what is in the boxes anymore!