I am tired!

I did ALOT of rearranging on Saturday, but I did not get done! My room is still a mess but I do have a space to work in. Yeah! The spare bedroom is STILL full of stuff. My poor son has to live in the living room because we haven't gotten to that room yet. I tried on Saturday, and I thought I had taken a whole BUNCH of stuff out but it still looks full. :( I need to PURGE! But I did not have time. Towards the afternoon, my daughter and her boyfriend or ex or whatever he is, were fighting. I felt bad for her because she was supposed to go over there but since they were arguing, I told her to stay home and we would have a mommy daughter night. And we did. We went to Texas Station Casino and saw the movie "Knocked Up". We pigged out on popcorn and candy. Then we went to the Oyster Bar and had steamed clams for dinner. After that we went bowling. Texas Station has it all! If you are not from Vegas, than I am sure you are asking why we went to a casino. Well here in Las Vegas, the movie theaters are in the casinos. So are the bowling alleys. I think there may be one or two movie theaters not connected to a casino. So anyways, we had fun. I beat her on both games, the last one barely. Her nails kept getting caught on the ball. After bowling we were both tired and it was about 10:30pm, so home we went.

Today I spent all day creating my package/trade for ArtNest. I decided I would create a charm that said ArtNest June 2007, and then make a little ephemera box. I call it an Ice Pack. In Creative Emergency. Isn't that soooooo cute! Of course it looks much cuter in person!

I hope everyone likes it. I am so excited about going. Only a few more days and then Jen and I hit the road! I only finished one 100%. The other 21, I have to finished tomorrow night. I only have to solder on the jump rings to the charms and attach to the boxes. I hate doing jump rings. I so SUCK at attaching those little suckers! But, the more I do, the better I get.



hello Cindy :)
You can have a look at your interview there, thank you again:-)
hope a lot of fellow artists will come and say hi to your blog:)

By the way I really enjoyed your answers and that especially:
"It was the most wonderful thing I have ever done. As I sat on the boat, I decided that I was not going to let fear or doubt rule my life and to I was going to follow my passion for creating."

Because it's so true and so encouraging!
I dare in art ,challenge myself etc, but daring to take the plane, it s true that sadly enough I still let my fear lead my existence somehow and yet I understand your amazement at the beauty of Turkey!
I have been there several time too by car and by planes( yes I wasn t that scared before the 11th september you know...)

anyways thank you for having shared a piece of your world!
Blessed be!
Sam I Am said…
awwww..what a sweet mommy you are...your day with your daughter sounded like so much fun..she will treasure that and look back on that and smile :)
And..i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your artnest swap...OH MY GODDDDD.. how CLEVER is that.. "ICE pack"??? I LOVE IT!! :) Im soooo wanting one!!!!!
Take tons of pics! Have fun! and enjoy your jump ring soldering!