I decided today that it is time to go into Summer Hibernation! Damn it's hot! We had a career fair at work today...don't ask...and they (the powers that be) decided that it was a good idea to have a tent set up in the parking lot. Thank God that it was semi overcast today. It was HOT. So when I got done at 1pm and got into my car to go home and looked at the temperature gage and it said 111 degrees, I knew that the summer hibernation period starts now! I hate going out when it is that hot. I was going to stop by Michaels on the way home but decided I didn't want to go anywhere and I headed straight home, changed into shorts and relaxed. I did venture out at 7:30 pm when the sun was down. It's bareable then. Went to Michaels and got more beads containers to finish my organizing. So much to do....so little time.


nina said…
cindy - i loved reading your post about the "topping off (or was it out?!)" party...so, did they put a tree at the top? i've always loved that tradition, especially at christmas when you can see that some sweet construction worker has climbed up there with lights!!!
stay cool, honey. it sounds HOT where you live...xo
nina said…
ps. a show in a parking lot with 111 degree heat? are they NUTS?!
Sam I Am said…
whew! 111? yes..i agree.. time to hibernate with the AC on full blast!!!!!