Cleaning & Organizing.

If you look at the first few posts on my blog, which wasn't that long ago, you will see a nice neat organized space. Sigh....that is no longer the case. Right now, I have a walking path to my desk. That is it. All kinds of crap on the floors...All over my desk, and my workspace...probably a 6" x 6" clear spot on it. Arrrggggghhhhh! SoooooOOOOoooooo, That is what I will be doing today. Cleaning and organizing my room AGAIN, so I can work in it! I only have 5 days till I go to ArtNest and I can't even make anything because when I look at my mess I get overwhelmed! Crazy. I am rearranging too, so this is a major project. The way I had it set up just wasn't working for me. I am tweaking and adjusting.

Tomorrow I will be creating! I am making my trades that I will be taking with me. I have an idea, but I will have to see if it works first. I will be taking pictures and posting of course!

TTFN-(Ta Ta For Now) as Tigger would say. I am off to cleaning and first chore? To cut out the rubber stamps I put on foam the other day and never finished and put them away in their books!


Judy said…
I dont envy you cleaning up - but it does feel great when its done. Have a blast at artnest! Thanks for all your wonderful comments too. xo
primdollie said…
now dear when you get done there need some help at my house!! your house is quite lovely dear and trust me mine is VERY old and needs lots of repair!!! and did I mention the dust buffaloes???(my dust bunnies have GROWN!!!( anyway can't wait to see the finished product!!! Hugs Linda