Bead Shopping & Creating

I went to a new bead store in town today. They had all kinds of different things there. It's funny how each store in town is different. I guess that is a good thing, because you know you can find different things at different stores. I bought some beads of course. I can't go in without buying something. That would be unCindy like. I found some Delica seed beads I liked. Not in my usual colors but I had to have them. I had an idea about some earrings to make and here they are with my lovely daughter modeling them.Here is a close up of the earrings. Kinda blurry cause my camera sucks. But it will do. The earring wires are gunmetal color. I love this color for wire. Then the circles are washers that I distressed with inks. and of course the Delica beads and the stone at the bottom. I really like them. I was laying in bed last night and this idea came to me. LOL. I told my daughter that she is going to be my sales person. I am making her wear them out and about and when people ask where she got them, she will say, my mom made them. I am pimping out my daughter! LOL She actually likes these. I guess if my teenager likes them I am doing pretty good.


beautiful earings cindy!!