Art Nest Part 2

So last night I was just so exhausted from all the creating and driving...I hate driving, that I didn't tell about more than one day! Our next class was Sally Jeans Gothic Pendent necklace. She taught us a little about how she creates the collage and then we started creating our pieces. Since I had her Soldering for Virgins class last month, I already knew the basics of soldering and I already knew what I wanted to do on my piece, so I went to town. I wanted it to be a mother/daughter thing. I took 2 pictures, one of me and one of Megan when we were around the same age. I screwed up my picture when I accidentally wiped it with a baby wipe. I wanted to scream, but I had to move on. Our birthdays are the same day, so I added some of my pieces to reflect that. Plus I added our initials to it. I love how it turned out. My first try at wire wrapping was kind of clumsy but I like it just the same. about the experience. Have you ever felt like something is just supposed to be. That things happen in your life at just the right time? That is the way I felt about this trip. I felt a sense of connection to all these women. Each person there had something different to offer. I felt a little under accomplished with all the talent that was surrounding me. Besides the teachers, Sherri Haab & Lisa Call who are also teachers at Art & Soul were there. Most of the woman there make their living doing art. But as we all talked, they made me feel much more confident that I could do this too. They offered their wisdom and spirit and I took it all in gladly. I miss all the people there. It was so wonderful and I know that we will all keep in touch and cheer each other on. And I can't say enough about Candice and Julie. If it weren't for them, none of this would have happened. If they ever decide to do another Art Nest and you have the opportunity to go, I say do it. You will never regret it.
This retreat also brought me closer to Jen. We work together everyday, all day, and then we just spent 5 days with each other and still we did not tire of being around each other. Except when she told me to stop crying! LOL Just kidding! On the way back home during our LONG 6-1/2 hour drive, did I mention I hate driving?) we talked almost the whole time about our experience and what we are going to do next.
My only regret is that my sister Lynn could not join me. I know she would have loved it too. But she had just moved into her new house and is still unpacking and of course moving is EXPENSIVE. No extra bucks for playing right now. I am hoping that she will go to Art Fest with me next year. We shall see as we are also going to Italy & Turkey in September 2008 for our sister reunion. I know, a weird combination but we really want to see Italy because we have never been there, and we also just LOVED our trip to Turkey on the cruise. So we decided to do both. I better get to selling so I can make enough money to go!


lklight said…
Wow, it sounds like such a wonderful experience, wish I could have been there!
Amanda Elton said…
It was so nice to get to know you--you have such a great sense of humor and I loved that your boss called you all the time!! :) That necklace makes me jealous. I don't think I'll ever get mine done!
Lynn T said…
That necklace you made is incredibly cool and beautiful!!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your necklace...really beautiful!