7 more days till ArtNest

I am very excited. 7 more days until ArtNest. I am so looking forward to getting away for the weekend and also the classes I get to take. It is going to be such a wonderful time! I already know! Only a few more supplies to get. I have most everything, so it won't be as bad as going to Art & Soul money wise. I am trying to think of what I want to make for trades. There will be 22 people including the teachers. So not too many to make. I just am stumped at what to do. I keep thinking of different things but nothing has said "Do That!" Help! I want it to fun and original. Of course I will have to make 23 because even though my sister Lynn is not there with me, I was told when we were at Art & Soul that I must create one of everything for her too! LOL Maybe I will dream of my project tonight...wish me sweet dreams!


lklight said…
Thanks so much Cindy.
You're going to Artnest, sounds wonderful, & it looks like an amazing place.
Hope you have a wonderful time.