2 Posts in One Day!!!

This is my second post. I decided that I would not leave all that negativity out there without posting some positive to counteract! :) Here are some drawings of things I did when I was 12 or 13. Please ignore the pen marks that have been drawn thru and around them. When my son was 5 he found my sketch book and decided to add his own art. So here they are. The early works of Cindy Dean:
Comments? I am going to bed as I am exhausted from today....TTFN


Kari said…
Hi Cindy,

Oh, I love your drawings - they are lovely, just goes to show that your talent was there even at that tender age!

Hugs and sympathies for your horrible day at work. I must say corporate politics really hacks me off! Too sensitive for it, which is why (for similar reasons) I left work and went to university, struggled with poverty, but feel so much better with an art degree and a lot more wisdom.

I don't know your circumstances, but believe me, you are a talented artist an intelligent woman who should NOT be put down like this. It may be best for you to find a different place to work or a different way of working if you can.

Kari x
Lynn T said…
You have been talented all your life! I loved your drawings.
Your sister,