Submission to Somerset Studio Magazine

I am making my first...yes my first ever piece of art to submit to a magazine. If I never try I will never know. The theme is Green. I would assume that this will be for an issue next year. We shall see. Here is a peek at the piece before it is finished. Its hard to see but the nest is made out of shredded fake money. I have decided to let this sit overnight. Something that I normally do not do... I am an inpatient person and I like to get things done NOW. But I want this to be really good so I am thinking on what my next element will be. I have ideas but I want to make sure it's right. Of course the piece is called "Nest Egg". I just wonder if this is "green" enough?
I hate the way my camera make things look. This looks so much better in person. I so want a new camera. Nina Bagley told me about the one she uses and I think I am probably gonna get that one. She asked me to take a picture of her and Olga in our class at Art & Soul and I was so impressed with the ease of use and how good the picture was. It has 10x optical zoom which I love! I did alot of research on cameras today just to make sure it is what I want. I guess we shall see if it makes a big difference in my art pictures.


hello :)
I think it's a nice artwork
lovely theme:)

I was thinking about submitting to somerset too but I am not sure if I'll have the time for everything ahah
I think camera or scanner always change the colors of our artworks
so when you see things online it doesn t give a real aspect of how things look like
that's a bit frustrating but it's still great to be able to share with the whole world in spite of the distance!