necklace for my daughter I didn't really finish cleaning. My daughter has been bugging me to make her a necklace from some of my many beads. So I did that. To her specifications. Here it is:and here is my daughter wearing it. I made her pose by the pool. She is so pretty. At least I think so. It matches her outfit which was a must! You know how teenage girls are. Everything has to be matched. Now that I look at the picture, she matches the pool too! LOL
And of course, we couldn't go outside without the company of Missy. The ultimate pigeon dog! The pigeons like to drink out of the pool. Not on Missy's watch though. She won't let them even sit on the fence without chasing them away. I wish my cats would chase them like the dog does.
I should be out floating in the pool, it is such a gorgoues day out. The water is still kinda chilly though. I guess I could turn on the heat for it, but it seems to foolish when it's 100 degrees outside! You would think the sun would warm it up!


Sam I Am said…
awwww what a beautiful daughter :) ..and love how everything matches... her, the necklace..the pool :)
and..i wanna learn how to solder!!!! waaaaaaa...please come over!! lol
im signed up to take sally jean's 'soldering for virgins' class in portland.. but wish i knew a little bit before heading in there so i dont look like a complete idiot lol

love your beads...thats a pretty color!