I read Nina Bagley's blog today. She really inspires me. She told of how she got her start in being an artist. I posted a comment and asked what she did before she was a full time artist. She sent me an email back and told me a little about her life. I admire her strength and her passion for what she does. Whenever I think of being a full time artist, I always think, can I afford it??? LOL I have a good job. It's taken me awhile to get where I am. I worked hard. But, what leads me to my frustration about my "job" is lack of control of my future. I put so much of myself into what I do that I tend to treat it as my own business and it isn't, so I get put in my place and I get frustrated! That is when I get fired up and say...why are you working for someone else...if you put this much passion into what you are doing then it will take off! But...always the but word...just call me chicken....

If you asked my sisters, they would tell you that I am brave... That I am not afraid to take risks...but I am..when it comes to certain things. I guess it is just all in my mind. I always seem to come out on top. My sister Susie always tells me I am lucky. I don't like to use the word lucky. I just happen to take advantage of opportunities that come my way. Some work and others don't and I have learned ALOT of hard lessons on the way. I have waited along time to start my journey and I am not stopping now. I will follow Nina's advice and I will work hard and be patient. Patience being the most difficult of all. I have little patience...I want it all NOW. That is why I started this blog, to journal about my progress in becoming a full time artist. Here's to another step.


Beth said…
Hi Cindy,

I really love your soldered piece that you just did. I have been learning to solder also. I Love it. I was just wondering what kind of soldering iron are you using? I have a dual temp iron from Radio Shack but its starting to be temperamental and not stay hot. I need to make 11 charms for a swap so I made to need to purchase another one. Stop by my blog if you get a chance and leave me a comment about your iron.
Love your blog!!
Kari said…
Yayyy - Goooo Cindy! I shall be popping by your blog regularly and cheering you by the sidelines. I came to the same conclusion about working for employers - I always give my ALL to my jobs (and more!), so much so that my own personal art gets limited. I gave up my well-paid job last month in order to pursue my art career. I think one of the keys to success is to cover many areas: teaching, merchandise, supplies, prints, etc as well as your art.

I got a great book, "Creating a Life Worth Living" by Carol Lloyd as well as a (UK-based) book about starting your own business. The two together are most helpful.

I also got gathered a group of local buddies who were also keen to do this, so we can problem-solve together.

Good luck!

Kari x