Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I wish everybody a safe and happy weekend. I am going to teach my friend Jen how to solder. Not that I am an expert, but we are taking Sally Jeans class next month in Utah and she should know the basics. So I am helping. It has forced me to clean up my room a little. Ever since I got back from Art & Soul it has been a pit! I am going to be working on the front cover for my Blue Cruise Journal/Scrapbook this weekend. I have no idea what I want to do so I am sure that it will take me FOREVER to figure it out. I want it a couple different ways and I am trying to decide how to blend the 2 styles together! Decisions, decisions....

To my lovely sisters...have fun painting! My sister Lynn just closed on her new home and my sister Sandy has come all the way from Istanbul to help her move and paint. Isn't she such a good sister? Maybe it's cause she has a whole basement full of stuff that she left at Lynn's! Ya think? LOL Sorry I can't be there... :) Love ya!