Art & Soul Hampton VA May 2007

Where do I begin??? Should it be my plane ride into VA? The snobby old people that were sitting next to me who were sooooooo rude??? No...let's not go there. LOL As soon as I got off the plane, things went much much better. I had the most fantastic time at Art & Soul. I met so many wonderful people.

My first class was with Sally Jean. Soldering for Virgins. Let me tell you....I needed help! LOL I had tried soldering before I went to class and I SUCKED! LOL Here are some pieces that I made in class.
Sally Jean is a great teacher and is very sweet. My first piece is a life saver that I put diamond glaze on and then I stuck it between 2 pieces of glass. My soldering job wasn't too good on this one as it was round and harder to do. I will get the hang of it though. I loved soldering. Very fun. I will be taking another class of hers soon.
Thursday Evening:

Next was Claudine Hellmuth Minding Your Own Business. Very informative. Of course I took that because I am on my journey to become a self supporting artist. I have a LONG ways to go...but hey. You have to start somewhere. A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step...I think that's how the saying goes.


Claudine Hellmuth again. This time color theory. We learned how to mix our own colors from the primary colors. Very good to know. Then we did a fun project. Each person at the table got 4 tags to alter. We each had to create our own first with our color theme and then we passed them on to the next person so they could mix a color from our palette and make a card. Here are my cards. The top one I made and then the blue set is my sisters. My talented sister made the top card of hers! We had a blast. It was fun taking a class with my sister. We giggle all the time. By the time we were done with Claudine's class we were dead. Who's idea was it to take soooooo many classes in a row! We went and had dinner and then got ready for our next class.

Friday Eve:

Keith Lo Bue-Copy Machine Etching

We were so tired when we went in here...I only made one thing. It is a very interesting technique and I will try again sometime soon. I was just toooooooooo damn tired to do much. But here is my result. I added color to it using my favorite watercolors (Twinkling H20's) Keith is a very funny guy. A character.

We had Saturday off. No classes! Did we rest??? NO. We went to the antique district in Norfolk. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I did make a small purchase but that's about it. Then it was vendor night! What fun. It was so packed though. There are so many talented artists there and only so much money! After shopping, we went back to our room and relaxed.

Nina Bagley-Pocket Book of Parlor Questions.
I love Nina. She has such a great personality. Funny. And I loved the project. Here are my pictures of my book I made. This is not all of the pages. I still have to put in some of my questions.
Nina was so nice to me. She gave me a couple of tools that I didn't have. Well I had one but had to hang my head in shame at the condition of it...LOL Poor pitiful me. The next morning as I was having breakfast, she called me to her table to introduce me to Misty Mawn. I was so thrilled. I will be taking Misty's class in June in Utah.

Pamela Huntington-Washday
Very fun project class. Here is what I made. Pamela is very nice.
All my teachers were wonderful. The trading was a blast. It was so much fun to see what everybody brought. I brought home a gallon size Ziploc baggie full of trades. I will be hanging them on my wall as treasures from my time at Art & Soul. You can bet I will be going again.


so nice to meet you Cindy!! thanks for the paint swatches too!