UFO's (Unfinished Objects)

I created this ATC wave background and now I am at a loss as to what to put on it. I think it's because I just love the card by itself! Everything is always so much prettier in person. I made this on watercolor paper using Twinkling H20's. My favorite paints (watercolors). I was playing around with them the other day and created a bunch of backgrounds. I also created this palm tree in a fiery sunset. I just had the sunset colors at first and then I wanted to see if I could put color on top of color with the watercolors and it seemed to work. Then I drew in lines with an ink pen. I really like the effect of the pen afterwards. Not really mixed media type of art, but I am just experimenting so I can find my style.


Sandy said…
Hi Cindy

Love the palm tree, very pretty.

For the blue watercolour - looks like a huge wave to me. How about seagulls flying overhead or a sailboat. Or perhaps a lighthouse behind the waves.

BTW - may I link you ?

Sorry - I'm at work and can't remember the url for my blog but if you're interested, LMK and I'll send it to you.


Angie in AZ said…
Love the watercolors! And I love the blue card! I'm all for simplicity myself. I mean, you COULD add stuff and make it a different kind of ATC but, it's so pretty as it is, I'd think of maybe just addinga simple embellishment. Because it looks like waves, I like the idea of sea gulls added to the top left corner but really just the little "m" line birds so you know the birds are there in the distance. Then maybe add a couple of tiny shells glued to the bottom... or not. It's really pretty as it is.
Karen Owen said…
Cindy, The blue card is very pretty all by itself. I have a couple of backgrounds that I like so much I've never done anything with them. What I do, though, is to scan them and use a printed copy as the background for my art.

The palm tree is wonderful too.
primdollie said…
love the colors and the backgrounds on both a lot and the palm tree is great!! for the other I love fish! or the seagulls sounds good and yes a mermaid etc!!! the colors are beautiful!!! have fun with it!! Hugs Linda