The Secret

I bought a book the other day called "The Secret". I am loving this book. I found a quote in it that I fell in love with and I am changing my header to include it. This book makes alot of sense to me and it's kinda freaky at the same time. It's basic theory is the law of attraction. You are what you think kinda thing. I can relate to this from when I got my new car. I wanted certain upgrades on my car and nobody in town had them. I called the dealer and told him what I was looking for and he said that he didn't have it, that nobody had it yet, but that it could be ordered and I should come down and check out the model at least. So I made the appointment and the afternoon that I was gonna go look at it...he (the salesman) called me and said..."Guess what I just had delivered today...The exact thing that you were looking for..." The first one in town! So...That night I drove home in my new car...The EXACT one I wanted. So I am going to follow the book and see where it leads me... On to bigger and better things!


inventivesoul said…
IT'S THE WAY LIFE IS! We were designed to live by *FAITH*!!!

Amber Dawn... ps, please email me what your charm ideas are please!
lklight said…
Oh yeay, another secret fan! I've been listening to the CD non stop for weeks now. I was about to say that it's difficult for me, teaching an old dog new tricks & all, but now that would be defeating the purpose now wouldn't it?! So I'll say that learning new ways of doing life comes easy to me, & since I'm only 43 years young, I catch on fast!
Anyway, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I'll go & continue to read yours now!