Rough Morning

My start of the day was rough! I had to fire someone this morning and I just HATE doing it. I know it is best for the company, but I still feel like I am playing God with someones life. Not fun. So now I am going into creation mode cause if I don't I will NEVER be ready for Art & Soul!
I just got my earrings I bought from Deryn Mentock. They are more beautiful in person. You can see them on her blog. They are called "Word." What a talented woman. I also got my personalized license plates today! What a wonderful mail day! I am so excited to put them on my car! Of course I will take a picture of it AFTER my hubby washes the car though! LOL Can't take pictures of a dirty car.
My sister has been out of town (her town) since Tuesday on business and incommunicado! I am going thru withdrawals cause we have so much to discuss before our trip! Ok...I am off to creation land. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


Sam I Am said…
what pretty earrings!!!! i bet they will look wonderful dangling from your ears :)
Cindy Dean said…
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