No time for Imagination today.

This week has been hectic. I took my daughter (Pictured here with our Kitty) to the DMV today to get her learners permit. She PASSED! she wants to be driving ALL the new car! Oh NO!!! I told her dad that he gets to take her out more than me. He is picking her up tonight from her boyfriends and he is going to let her drive home. I told him to take his vehicle...I know...not funny. Or at least he didn't think so. She is the last one in the house. It sounds like I had a bunch of kids, but I only have 2. They are 7 years apart so it feels like along time ago since my son flew the nest. I shall be creative again this weekend. I have to get my doodad done for Art & Soul. That is my top priority. Although I want to be working on charms...LOL. I am trying not to be such a procrastinator.