I don't know what it is this last week but I have a raging bitch! Or at least I think I have. Work sucked but I can usually get over that. I am excited about going to Art & Soul next week, but I just can't shake this feeling... Maybe is all the chaos in the world. I have talked with other people and they feel this way too. I was thinking it was just me. I keep thinking about the book, The Secret and how you are supposed to stay positive. I need to pull myself out of my slump and back into reality! Life is good... Here is something that makes me happy! My little Missy. The best dog ever. She always makes me feel better. I guess I shall go to bed and call her up with me to snuggle since my hubby isn't home. Nightie Night... Better days tomorrow


Sam I Am said…
awwww..what a sweet puppy face!! hehehehe...
i think we allll have our bitchy moments.. and realizing you're in one.. is the first step in recovery!! heheheheeh :)
Glad to hear you're feeling happier :)