Feeling Better

I feel sooooo much better today! Not so crabby. Oh the power of positive thinking...LOL At least that is what I want to believe so don't rain on my parade! Here is a piece that I have started. I am going to change out the paper on the 2 corners cause I don't like it. Plus I tried a stamp in the corner of one piece and it just didn't work. So, I am looking through all my paper so I can choose something I like better. I really would like to finish this soon. My daughter likes it alot so far, so maybe she will be the recipient, although it doesn't quite go with her room decor of lime green and chocolate brown. I am getting so excited about going to Art & Soul. #1, I will get to spend time with my sister! That's the best! And we will be creating to boot! Yeah! But then I will get to meet so many like minded people. It is very exciting. There are not many people I have met in Las Vegas that understand my passion for paper, dictionary's, all kinds of junk in their eyes. I am hoping to meet more people here like me. In May, another woman who lives in Las Vegas and I, are going to start a local ATC group. We have already talked with Barnes & Noble where we are going to meet. She has already created the poster and hopefully we can get that going. I think it will be fun to try. I have so many things to do before I leave. I am such a procrastinator! Will I ever change? LOL I doubt it...41 years of habit. Oops...that wasn't positive thinking was it?
I think I need a new camera. One that will show off my art better. That or I need photo taking classes! I really hate how my camera makes everything look. LOL or how bad I take pictures! I guess that will be an investment for me soon. Anybody have any suggestions on what they like to use?


easyjourney said…
Oooh that's a nice collage Cindy! Glad you are feeling better! Last week was intense for the whole nation, take care, Astrid