Addicted to Charms

Ok...I just made those cute little charms the other night and now I am completely addicted...LOL Here is another one I made last night. I was very tired last night so I only made one. I had a bad day at work and it totally exhausted me! I work in a man's world. (Construction, although I am in accounting) I just want to slap them sometimes! ARRRGGGGGHHHHH! I got my hand slapped (figure of speech) recently for stooping down to somebodies level, not living by our core values all because I was sticking up for one of my employees. THEN I find out that the 2 VP's that lectured me, didn't follow core values IN A BIG WAY and I just want to scream!!!! WTF! Don't lecture me about how I should be when you just did something. Hypocritical! Arrogance! But....I shall calm down in a few days...LOL I just do not have as much respect for those 2 men as I did before. I don't play by the "Do as I say not as I do." rule. Ok...enough of my ranting!


easyjourney said…
I love your charms, so sweet! I made my first batch last night and am loving it! Have fun trading these!