My cleaned up Art Space

Ok I am pretty much done with my space. Here is the computer and business end of my room. I love Halloween stuff so it's out all year long. I still have a bit of decor to put out. I just haven't unpacked it yet. It's in the extra bedroom...waiting....and waiting....and waiting.... :)

This is where I keep the bulk of my supplies. I still have some more pegboard hooks and jars to get so it is not completely finished. But good enough for now.
Close up of my shelves. There is still more room for stuff!

This is my creative table. I have all my tools handy. More boxes up on the shelf! I still have to go through those and organize but that is another days project.

And finally, the view from my window...don't you just love desert brown?

That's all for now. I am going to create... I shall be posting new art work sometime this week. Stay posted!


Jillian said…
Hi Cindy,
Wow, I wish I could be as organized as you! That is great! Your art is beautiful! I'm a member of collage cats also.

it's so beautiful where you live! I love that view, and I'm so envious of all the supplies you have oh my!!!
that a real craft shop your studio!!!love it!
Maybe mine is just too messy to see all the things I have ahah

I have seen that you want to be a full time artist:)I'm starting my own business too, a lot of boring administrative things to do here in France!
so I wish you lots of luck!
Maybe would you like me to interview you for create a connection website?
so that people will be able to get to see your art and thoughts etc?
let me know,it's for June:)

Blessed be & namasté!