Getting Organized I thought I would share pictures of my work space. I should call it my studio, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. I have moved 3 times in the last year and a half ---long story, don't ask--- so I am finally getting settled down. It's a mess right now and I need to get it organized so I can start working on my art again. I am going to Art & Soul this May and need to start making my trades! my progress..

This is my Computer area. I am still unpacking stuff. I had forgotten how much "stuff" I had. It doesn't keep me from buying more though! :)

Here is my work area...remember...I am just starting to organize my room! My kitty is in the window.Here are some of my supplies. My daughter calls it the craft store...

I will be rearranging things because I have bought some more storage shelves.