On a mission

At work, we are having a Christmas lunch for the accounting dept of all the companies. This year they are having us give them baby pictures of ourselves and I would assume that we are going to have some kind of guessing game! But for the life of me, I can't find one photo as a baby! I know somewhere in this house I have at least ONE picture of me younger that 4 or 5. I am rather cute at 4 to 5 but everyone would know it was me! I will leave you with this though. My sweet precious little Missy when she was a puppy. How can anybody resist this face???


Anonymous said…
Yeah, but mine's still cuter! LOL
Lynn said…
How old is Missy?
Debbie Egizio said…
What a super cutie! Puppies are just adorable.
Maybe you could post THIS photo for fun! LOLOL That would bring a smile.
Too cute.
xo Rella
Vivian said…
Your little Missy looks so much like my BT, Emma! Check out the pictures of her on my blog...they could be twins. Missy is so cute and nice background on your blog!