Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tomorrow I start my journey to go to Istanbul to see my little sister Sandy. Here is a picture from when we were little.My first stop is NYC to stay with my love and then Saturday back to the airport and back on the plane for a 10 hour flight. I so dread that but I am excited to get to go see Sammy! That is my nickname for my little sister. Don’t ask where I came up with it…it just came. And in response she started calling me Cimmy. Cindy & Sandy, Sammy & Cimmy. I guess it goes yes? LOL I feel very blessed in my life for the bonds that I have with my sisters. We have had spats and fights like any siblings, but as we get older we all grow closer and let all the petty stuff slip away…well most of the time anyways…LOL. My last trip to Turkey was a turning point in my life when I decided not to be afraid to travel. Before that trip, I swore that I would never leave the USA. That there was nothing outside the US that I wanted to see or needed to see and I HATED to fly. My sisters FINALLY convinced me to take the trip…and I had the best time ever. Now I am a traveling fool! Everywhere I go now…I go with an open mind and if I get all stressed, I remind myself to go with the flow because you never know what can come of a wrong turn…It can actually turn out to be a good thing… So here’s to taking what comes and living life… word for the year.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hiding…..that is what I feel like I have been doing lately….hiding from the world. This picture was taken on my trip to Turkey in 2006 by my brother in law….it was first thing in the morning and I did NOT want my picture taken! LOL But it was a good representation of the way I have been as of late. I have kept to myself and very few people. I have not been very creative lately and have had no desire to be. But today…today was the first day in awhile where I had a creative vision of something I want to create. Today I feel energized, and I want to go home and get my room ready for a major creation spree. Today I will take my first steps towards my goals I listed in a previous blog. Today is the day that I open my eyes again and start discovering the world again….

One World One Heart Giveaway


I am doing the One World~One Heart giveaway again this year. If you click on the picture above you can learn more about the event. Last year was my first year to join and it was a very wonderful experience. My piece was even featured in Artful Blogging magazine about the event. I made many many new blog friends and it opened my world up to new possibilities & new beginnings. I am a little late starting but as they say...better late than never.

Below is my giveaway. It is a piece I made for the souvenir spoon article in Belle Armoire Jewelry but it didn't make it in the article. It is made with seed beads, a souvenir spoon, a small shell that I gathered from the beach with my grandmother as a little girl and a pearl. Don't worry, I have many more shells from that time with my grandmother.
My giveaway is open to all. If you like this, then leave me a comment and you name will go into a drawing that ends on February 12th. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Istanbul here I come....

I am going to Turkey at the end of this month to visit my sister. Last minute deal but I am very excited! This time I will have my own camera! When I went last time, my camera died right before we got on the plane to leave. I wanted to cry. I made my brother in law take all kinds of pictures for me, but it still isn't the same. And this time I will be getting pictures of Istanbul. I keep telling my little sister that she needs to take pics of her office and house so the family can see it all. She even bought a camera here in Las Vegas....ummmm has she posted to her blog any photos from that great little camera??? Ummmmm that would be a NO. LOL...Sammy you have been called out.... I don't know if I will be able to post while in Turkey but I will try.

Art Journal Page Jan 12th 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


As I drove to work this morning, I was thinking about my current long distance relationship and how being in it has forced me to change some of my ways. It is getting tougher and tougher to be without him in my daily life. When we are together it is so great, but then when I come home or he goes home I go into this emotional crash. It has forced me to really think about how I react to certain things and if it is really worth getting mad or upset over and if I really want to spend the time that I do have talking or being with him, sulking, or arguing or being mad.... It has made me be more direct in my feelings and communications. So as I was thinking, I realized that I am discovering new things all the time about how to deal with this situation. And that's when it hit me... Discover. That would be my one word for the year. I have read on Nina's and Stephanie Lee's blogs about their one word and it struck a chord with me and I have been trying to figure out just one word that would work for me.

dis·cover (di skuv′…ôr)
1. to be the first to find out, see, or know about
2. to find out; learn of the existence of; realize
3. to be the first nonnative person to find, come to, or see (a continent, river, etc.)
4. to bring to prominence; make famous
5. a. to reveal; disclose; expose
b. to uncover

I like this word. can be used in all parts of my life. In love, in creating, at home, at work or about myself. That is what this year will be about...discovering....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life is funny...

So today, I will not be posting my pic of my art journal as I didn't get a chance to take a pic and load onto my laptop. I aam writing this post as I sit in the airport waiting for my plane. I had a fantasic New Years with my love. We spent the weekend at his house in Vermont where I visited some of the locals again. Some old...
Some new...The deer ran across the road and stopped. I made Ed stop the truck and I got out and walked up to the fence. She just stood there and I took her picture and talked to her for a minute before she decided I was pretty boring and trotted off...

But as I was taking pictures in the great white north, I started to think about my goals for the coming year and then I started to think about the beginning of last year and how far I have come, where I have been, and where I thought I was going. Some of my goals I achieved, some I exceeded, and some I failed miserably. You can plan and plan and then life throws you a curve ball and all those plans you had go straight to the garbage can. Sometimes we don't understand why or will we ever, but I for one believe that everything happens for a reason. I for one am happier at the end of this year than I was at the beginning, even though in the middle of marriage of 16 years ended... I have found a love that is so wonderful that I sometimes think this can't be real. Someone who loves me just the way I am.

This next year I believe will be even better than this one. I have much to look forward to. My teaching at Art & Soul in May, My daughter graduating from High School in June and many trips with the love of my life. Some of my goals for this year are:

1. Get published in Somerset Studio. That means I have to create mixed media art more and less jewelry.

2. Purge some of my art supplies! I have too much stuff!

3. Blog more often than the last half of this year...maybe even get published in Artful Blogging. How cool would that be?

I have other goals but I will not list them for the world to see as I have learned my lesson on sharing everything....sometimes it can bite you in the ass!

Here's to a fresh start and I am gonna get back on the swing and see how high I can go!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

So, I am not posting my journal page until tomorrow. It is late here in the frickin cold, snowy land of Vermont! Holy crap....I had forgotten what cold was. Living in Las Vegas gives you a warped sense of hot and cold! I will also post my list of goals for this coming year. I know that making this list helps me focus on what is important to me and helps me to accomplish them. No resolutions....just goals. I am glad to have a fresh new year to start....Don't you just love new things? New Year....fresh new clean piece of paper to turn into something artistic???

Happy New Year to all!