The Story So Far..........

A little over a year ago, I started this blog as my own documentation of my new artistic journey. Ever since I was little, everyone has always said I should “do something” with my artistic ability and until last year, I never really pursued it. I always thought that I could never be an artist because they had to create on demand, that it was this whole formal world that I could never fit into. Then one day I decided to buy Somerset Studio Magazine. I fell in love with all the different art in that magazine. I then proceeded to buy most of the back issues of the magazine and spent many hours reading them one by one. That is where I found out about Art & Soul and other art retreats. I convinced my sister Lynn that this would be so much more fun then going to a Scrapbook convention. So we signed up for Art & Soul Virginia 2007. Before we went, we starting doing our research on all the teachers. This is when my sister sent me the link to Misty Mawn’s blog. I fell in love with blogs and decided to start this one. That I too wanted to become an artist, that I could fit into this artistic world of mixed media. It didn't have to be formal. I could be an artist without having work in a gallery. I could just be me.

On one of my favorite blogs, Kerri Posson does her monthly “Ta Da” list. A list of creative accomplishments for the month. So here is my “Ta Da” list since the beginning of my journey:

Went to Art & Soul Virginia May 2007. Took classes from Nina Bagley, Sally Jean Alexander, Claudine Hellmuth, Keith Lo Bue, & Pamela Huntington.

Took local classes with Traci Bautista & Richard Salley

Went to Art Nest June 2007 and took classes from Misty Mawn, Sally Jean again and Kristin Steiner.

I joined MMCA, and became more active with ZNE.

I submitted my work for First Friday, a local art event, and I was chosen to have a vendor table there.

I was asked to submit my giveaway for One World One Heart for Artful Blogging and I was chosen to be included in that issue.I submitted my Flowers to Belle Armoire Jewelry and was chosen to be in the Summer 2008 issue.I submitted a piece to Somerset Studio for the Provence Theme issue. I don’t know if I was picked yet, but at least I submitted. I joined an altered Chess Set challenge.
I signed up for a class in June with DJ Pettitt and Deryn Mentock. Very excited about that!

I applied to be a vendor at Art Unraveled in August 2008, and was accepted. I also signed up for classes with Leighanna Light and Louise Duhamel.

I applied to be a vendor at the ZNE ConvenZioNE in August 2008 and was accepted. I also submitted my work to be in their gallery show. I am going to try and get Lisa Kaus’s class. 2 more days till I know about that one.

I signed up for Portland Art & Soul 2008. I am taking classes from Nina Bagley, DJ Pettitt, Beryl Taylor and Judy Wilkenfeld.

Phew...that was longer than I thought! I don't think I forgot anything. So along the way, I have learned many lessons, made new friends thru blogs and have had fun. I am looking forward to the future and all it brings with it's ups and downs. I would tell any one to follow your dreams. You never know unless you try...


kerrip said…
Wow, what a whirlwind journey!!! I had no idea that you haven't been doing all of this for many years!!! I am envious of all the classes you've taken!!! I am not a good traveler, but am trying to get better because I'd love to take some of the ones you've mentioned. Thanks for an incredible "ta da" list - love the provence piece - I don't think I ever saw this piece completed!!!
abbymaya said…
Go Cindy go! Woo hoo, you're a wonder and amazing such a great inspirational journey.
Lisa Gallup said…
Great post!! Seeing it all in print is something else and really shows the hard work you've put into things! :)
Sam I Am said…
wow girl!!!! you ROCK!!!! Congrats on having your jewelry in the magazine!!!! You have had one busy and fun ride!!!!! Im so happy for you :)
Deryn Mentock said…
Well, that's quite a "ta-da"! Love your new blog unique and "you"!
Judy said…
Go Cindy Go.
Love a passionate woman!
Can't wait to meet a fellow artist and blogger soon.
Congrats on challenging yourself and being sooooo successful - hooray!
Nerissa said…
Hi Cindy
Even though I just "met" you recently, I just wanna give you a big hug. It's so inspiring for me to see what you've accomplished. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of a Ta-Da list. It really celebrates your accomplishments. Congrats!